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I was playing around with my Ipod notes feature and found a lot of neat things you can do.

Check out the Ipod Notes Guide "http://developer.apple.com/ipod/iPodNotesFeatureGuideCB.pdf".

I found a web site "http://tvlistings.nytimes.com/nyt/grid.asp?partner_id=nyt" that had a text TV guide making it perfect to download something useful to my Ipod. Go to this web site first and set up your zip code. You can see

the channels and put the ones you want in the chan.dat file.

To automate this I wrote an au3 script to get the TV guide (gettv.au3) and 2nd split the file into Ipod size files (ipodsplit.au3).

As I said, there is a "chan.dat" file so you can select the channels you want to download. Also you can play around with time(s) you want to download, I have two(2) different times in the loop: 20=8:00pm To 10:59 and 23=11:00pm To 1:59am.

The Ipod split script creates the file names in P:\Notes\sequence#_channel time (from first record) channel time (from last record) from the main file so it is easy and fast to find the tv program youre looking for.

I first used the following in my split script but it was more cumbersome looking for a tv program.

<A HREF="sequence#_"&@MON&@MDAY&"> << </A>" Home

<A HREF="sequence#_"&@MON&@MDAY&"> >> </A> End

<A HREF="sequence#_"&@MON&@MDAY&"> < </A> Back

<A HREF="sequence#_"&@MON&@MDAY&"> > </A> Next

Anyway, if you have an Ipod try this it's kind of fun, at least this will give some ideas of what you can do with IPOD Notes.


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