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[RESOLVED] ERROR: -1073741819

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I don't want to show my script just yet, and I have good reason for it, as it's showing secure server locations :D

But, has anyone ran into the following error from scite while running a script before:

!>17:19:55 AutoIT3.exe ended.rc:-1073741819
>Exit code: -1073741819 Time: 37.195

This happens when i have the following conditions:

1. Main UI is loaded

2. Secondary UI is loaded after user hits a menu option (Ie Tickets -> New)

3. If condition loads a 3rd UI because user pressed button (ie Grab Information)

3a. 3rd UI's processes process information

------Attaches to a known IE screen

------Processes all known frames until it finds the frame it wants, and then works with it; parsing HTMl/XML for the values that it needs

------------If duplicate entries are found on said frame, it then shows a list of options to choose from (ie 3rd UI), which the user then selects from; the script processes the select and sets data on UI #2 as needed

4. 3rd UI is destroyed; thus leaving the user on UI #2 awaiting either more information, a close of the UI or the push of a button.

5. Any button, or action, or anything at all with the 2nd ui that is done will cause the error mentioned above.

For right now, while i'm sanitizing my code, I won't be able to show that, but needless to say that's what you see so far.


UPDATE: I did the debug thing that it shows inside of the Help file to see what is going on with the script line per line, and it exits from the 3rd gui just fine and continues to wait for messages from the 2nd gui w/o issue. But when something is clicked, boom it does. Unfortunately, as I don't see a way to debug the script line per line to output to a file and parse it, i'm not able to give more precise information. Perhaps the developers would be so kind as to let me know what that error code means :D

RESOLUTION: It turns out that I didn't have each of my GUIGetMsg() statements unique; and my main script was using the same $msg variable to check for new messages as my gui #2. Changed gui #2's GUIGetMSG() variable to $nMSG and my close to $cMSG and my GUI #3's to $sMSG and it works perfectly.

However, it was my understanding that Autoit was smart enough to figure out what MSG i was on, but that's ok, i have no problem doing it that way :)

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