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Question about Errors

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Hello to all.

Hope you are well.

I have a question.

Is it possible to hide error messages ?


I want to ask, if it is possible to exit a script automatically if an error occurs anywhere in the script. Without any error message.

It should be silent. Only exiting on an error.

Hope you can help me. Thank you for your help. (Please excuse my english)

Best regards,


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Object errors can be handled very easily, otherwise it would be poor coding IMO to have a program error

... show your code so we can help



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i have programmed a lot of error handlers in other programming languages.

Now i have found the problem.

Its not a problem of my source code.

Its a problem of the >>> Obfuscator.

The script is running 100000000..... times without any problems if it is uncompiled.

The script is running ....... - "" - ..... times without any problems if it is compiled.

But if i use the obfuscator for compiling, then the problem is appearing in each xx time when i start the compiled script:

Line -1: (Means compiled), Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.

Very interessting. I have tested it with some stop messages in different lines. The error occurs everytime before the test message box appears. And i have placed this test message box after the #includes.

I am 100% sure, that the arrays are all defined correct. (Excuse my english)

The problem is personally for me solved, because if i dont use the obfuscator by compiling, then everything is okay and is running perfect.



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