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Excel starts as process without GUI

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All, AutoIt is fabolous!

In full automation, I need to start Excel, open a workbook, refresh the data from an external data source, save the workbook, and exit Excel. I created a mini-script (very simple, indeed) and related executable in AutoItV3. It works fine when I run the executable manually, from a DOS window. But, I need to run the script, as a step in another automated job running in SQL Server DTS, on Win2K3 server, when I am looged off from both SQL Server and Win2K3.

The problem is that when the same script is called as an OS command by SQL Server DTS, Excel starts as background process without GUI. Then, the the script sends certain keys to the GUI for the task described, but there is no GUI, so the script pauses forever, and nothing happens.

What's the solution? How do I force the Excel GUI to launch?



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