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Ping tool

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1. You can save "projects" for the ping tool.

2. Blocks of addresses may be saved by separating the ranges with ';'.

3. Inputs like are allowed. (will start testing at and go through

4. Supports name retrieval



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Hmm, lots of downloads but no reply...

Well, looks good! :D

Lot of ping tools these day's.

Saw a simple one a few days ago.

And I made mine as well: Multi-Ping (pong v3.5)

(Mine is different then yours cause I made it to be as simple as possible when be able to work as normal, yours is great for much more information)


P.S. I got this on each run (cause I don't save?): DEBUG PingTool.au3 LoadProject: Unable to open file for reading: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\AUXFiles\PingTool.prj

Maybe check siletly and/or add a status bar?

Edited by Triblade

My active project(s): A-maze-ing generator (generates a maze)

My archived project(s): Pong3 (Multi-pinger)

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