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Cgi Com/DLL

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I wrote this Com/Dll (cgiweb.dll) to do the CGI front end for my Autoit3 scripts.

It is simple and easy to use. Register the Dll by running "regsvr32.exe cgiweb.dll".

Check out the readme.txt file and the 2 sample scripts.

One will show the CGI Environment Variables (cgienvvar.au3) and the other is an

Access MDB sample (cgisampledb.au3).

After you compile the scripts:

Put the "cgienvvar.exe" in your web server root directory along with the *.gif,*.htm.

Put the "cgisampledb.exe" and the sample.mdb in your /cgi-bin/ directory.

To run Access MDB sample from your web server type in http://YOUR WEB SERVER/sampleDB.htm

and click the "All" button.

To run CGI Environment Variables type in http://YOUR WEB SERVER/cgienvvar.exe

You can put a "?" along with some data and watch the QUERY_STRING change.

ex: http://YOUR WEB SERVER/cgienvvar.exe?somedata

I use Microsoft-IIS/5.1 and all works fine, anyother web servers I do not know, they should but might

need to be tweaked.

Good Luck!


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