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Predefined exceptions?

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Is it possible to use in AutoIt something like "try-catch-throw" in C++?

Use case: Someone tests a GUI application and wants to react on any unexpected behavior. Say, the menu item is missing when he tries to use _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemSubMenu. Or Select operation in ControlTreeView function was unsuccessful.

Question: Can we catch these sutuations without "if-then-else" constructions around each AutoIt function?

Desired behavior: Whenever a AutoIt function is unsuccessful, some kind of exception is getting thrown.

Is it possible in one way or another? What would you suggest? Thanks in advance.

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That's pity. OK, there is no such an opportunity. And it is not planning. But what people do to implement something like that using current AutoIt possibilities? I mean, are there workarounds? Thanks.

It isn't a problem in AutoIt IMO because the internal workings of AutoIt deal with exceptions and all you need to worry about is the return from a function and values of @error and @extended. It simply means that you have to do more checking than perhaps you would like but it also means that you can guard against the likely problems with just the standard coding methods. Try/except and try/finally are neat ways of handling problems which I am used to but they can be dealt with in other ways in AutoIt although maybe in a slightly more lengthy way.

So, for a rather simple example, whereas you might want to write

except on $readerror do

in AutoIt you can have

if SomeFileIORoutine = -1 or @error = 1 then CloseAllFilesAndComplain

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You could take it even further, and try to roll your own. Maybe something like this:

Func _Try($act, $msg="", $fnc="")
  If (($act > 0) and not @error) Then return true
  If $msg Then msgbox(0, 'Error:', $msg)
  If $fnc Then Call($fnc)
  Return $act

If you do, please post it, I'd be interesting in seeing what you come up with, and/or what others can add to it.

Edit: typo

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