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I want to write into a file and then check the file for special characters. Like if there is a ! then set $compound = $compound & "{shiftdown}1{shiftup}" Then controlsend $compond. Is there a special character analyzer already built or how can I search a file after reading it for a special char?

Can you alter this code to make it work?

#include <GuiConstants.au3>
Dim $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW = 0xCF0000, $WS_VISIBLE = 0x10000000, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS = 0x04000000

GuiCreate("MyGUI", 392, 226,(@DesktopWidth-392)/2, (@DesktopHeight-226)/2 , $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW + $WS_VISIBLE + $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS)

$Edit_1 = GuiCtrlCreateEdit("Edit1", 10, 20, 370, 160)
$Button_2 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Button2", 50, 200, 120, 20)

While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
    If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then
   If $msg = 4 Then
      $info = GUICtrlRead($edit_1)
      FileWrite("test", $info)
      $info = FileRead ( "test", 300)
      If $info = "!" Then
         $compound = $compund & "{SHIFTDOWN}1{SHIFTUP}"
      ControlSend("C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe", "", "", $compound)


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$chr = "!"
$FName = "YourFile.txt" 
If StringInStr(Fileread($FName,FileGetSize($FName)),$chr) Then
  ; whatever you want to do when character is found 

Edit: syntax error

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do you know how to do that then for every ! replace it with {shiftdown}1{shiftup} ? and rewrite it to that file.

like take in the string of $info and find all !'s then change all the !'s to {shiftdown}1{shiftup} and save it the variable $info with the original string of info only the !'s to {shiftdown}1{shiftup} or back to a file. Possible?

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'Scuse me. I wasn't plain enough.


Look for ControlSendPlus on the forum.


Search for ControlSendPlus with the search feature in the top right of this forum.

Who else would I be?

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