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I am trying to update an MSI's registry table with a key I would like to have the MSI import when run. I am using a blank template from the MsiIntel.SDK and testing with a random key from the registry.

I have used Orca to import the reg file and then tried to mimic the entry using AutoIt, the code I am using is below

    File test.msi is a blank msi template from MsiIntel.SDK (Called Schema.msi)
    Table to edit = Regsitry
    Table Headers & Data to Add = Registry    - NewRegKey1
    Table Headers & Data to Add = Root        - 2
    Table Headers & Data to Add = Key          - SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    Table Headers & Data to Add = Name        - nwiz
    Table Headers & Data to Add = Value      - nwiz.exe /install
    Table Headers & Data to Add = Component_    - ISRegistryComponent

Dim $Installer, $Database, $SQL, $View
Dim $MSI = 'C:\Test\Test.msi'

$Installer = ObjCreate("WindowsInstaller.Installer")
$Database = $Installer.OpenDatabase($MSI, 1)
;$SQL = "INSERT INTO `Feature` (`Feature`.`Feature`,`Feature`.`Feature_Parent`,`Feature`.`Title`,`Feature`.`Description`, `Feature`.`Display`,`Feature`.`Level`,`Feature`.`Directory_`,`Feature`.`Attributes`) VALUES ('Tennis','Sport','Tennis','Tournament',25,3,'SPORTDIR',2)"
$SQL = "INSERT INTO `Registry` (`Registry`,`Root`,`Key`,`Name`,`Value`,`Component_`) VALUES (`NewRegKey1`,`2`,`SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run`,`nwiz`,`nwiz.exe /install`,`ISRegistryComponent`)"
$View = $Database.OpenView($SQL)
$Database.Commit; save changes

I have found some info on MSDN doing what I want to do and using the code on the page in my example it works. The commented SQL entry is the code from the MSDN page.

When I try my code for the registry table I get an error saying The requested action with this object has failed so I tried using the VBScript listed on the MSDN page (WiRunSQL.vbs) using my $SQL code and an error also occurred which was

Msi API Error 80004005: OpenView,Sql

1: 2227 2: C:\Test\Test.msi 3: NewRegKey1 4: INSERT INTO `Registry` (`Registry`.`Registry`,`Registry`.`Root`,`Registry`.`Key`,`Registry`.`Name`,`Registry`.`Value`,`Registry`.`Component_`) VALUES (NewRegKey1,`2`,`SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run`,`nwiz`,`nwiz.exe /install`,`ISRegistryComponent`)

looking on the MSDN site lead me here to where the errors are referenced and it is saying that the NewRegKey1 is an invalid identifier but looking here I cannot see why it is invalid.

It's not really an AutoIt problem but it is frustrating as I think I am close to doing what I want after days of searching for answers, I would appreciate if someone could help me locate the problem.


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