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Pdf creator copy from excel clipboard to name file

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This is what I want to do:

When I run the autoit script I want it to name a PDF file to whatever I have in a cell reference when using excel.

I will be using this script in excel to complete the printing process.

As you will see below , I have the information saved to the clipboard but have been stuck at this point.

Sub PDFsave()

Application.CutCopyMode = False

Application.EnableEvents = False

Dim cname, invnum

Dim fpath As String

fpath = "SHEET NAME"

With Worksheets("Sheet1")

invnum = Range("A1").Value

cname = Range("A2").Value

FDate = Format(Range("A4"), "ddmmyy")

Range("A5").Value = invnum & " " & fpath & " " & cname & " " & FDate & ".pdf"

Range("A5").Select 'send to clipboard


End With

Application.ActivePrinter = "PDFCreator on Ne00:"

Activewindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, ActivePrinter:= _

"PDFCreator on Ne01:", Collate:=True

'code here to run AutoIt

End Sub

Any ideas?

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I worked it out.

all I had to do was place this code after the printer pops up.

Range("A5").Select 'send to clipboard


PS. This script in this post is NOT for Autoit, it is VBA script.

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