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MySQL vs TCP/UDP vs other? Best way to sync windows autoit client with linux server?

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Hey, I made an autoit script that is supposed to let me browse files (files are on a remote linux server) on my computer.

Which do you think would be the best option for me (speed vs security wise)

1.) I add mysql support in my autoit script, and add the locations and descriptions of the files in a mysql database on the linux server (possible to add REMOTE mysql support to autoit script that's fast?)

2.) I use TCP/UDP/porting in my autoit script, and SOMEHOW find out a way to make a tcp/udp server on my linux (don't know if this is possible since autoit won't run on linux)

Info: On my server, I have files/downloads. On my script, it shows what's on my server, and it has a description for the item.

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