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Instant Chatting with autoIT ? or other method, not using EMails and Internet IM Clients....


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Hi Everybody

I Search an Intranet Chat Client...

I Have 2 USERS Fixed and More users dispatched in any rooms

I Want All my users can See only CPE1 & CPE2

I Want CPE1 and CPE2 can see and Instant Speak with all others Users

I want All other users Cannot Speak Between them ...

(SX Cannot Speak with SY but SX and SY can speak With CPE1 & CPE2)

In internal without creating any EMail, only with get and show the Local machine Name....

Like Net Send between 2 persons, not virtual rooms and MultiChat.

Is this Possible ?

Is anybody has made a Internal IM Script with AutoIt ?



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Still, this forum is only to post completed scripts. If you want to ask anything, you should ask it in support.

But I'm sure people have made chat scripts, just use the search function, I'm sure you'll find alot.

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