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Windows Media Player

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is there an easy way of controlling the Windows Media Player (v11) with AutoIt? I couldn't find any controls to use, so I have to use MouseClick().

But I'd much rather use ControlClick() or something where I can just say Play() and it presses the Play button.

Do I have to rely on MouseClick() for the WMP?



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search forum for "wmp.au3"

Hi nobbe,

I searched, I found, and I was not rewarded.

The wmp.au3 I found (I guess you mean this one) is - as far as I found out - only for embedding the player in a GUI. What I want to do is control a maximised player using just hotkeys with HotKeySet() and my user-defined functions, i.e. a hotkey for selecting and playing a certain song, another one for simply playing the current song etc.

Is it possible to take what CyberZeroCool wrote and transfer it to work with a pre-loaded (i.e. started before the script) WMP?

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