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Clearing cookies and cache

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I'm writing an auto-launcher for Selenium automated testing.

I've scoured the search forum and have come up empty handed when it comes to easily clearing cookies and cache for IE.

Is there a function that does this easily for you? If so, will this work for both IE6 and IE7?

This here is what i've had to do just to open the "Options" dialog box. Then i realized my send keys will be different for IE7. Ugh.

;function to clear all cookies
Func clear_cookies()
;clear internet explorer's cookies
    $handle = _IECreate()
    $ie_window = WinGetTitle("Internet Explorer")

Lastly, as an aside, is there any controls similar for IE that exists for Firefox??? I need to run my selenium tests in firefox as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Just delete all files in the temp folder... and or the user local settings file there is another temp folder

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