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What type of debug version do people want?  

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  1. 1. What type of debug version do people want?

    • An interactive debugger that lets me add breakpoints, press keys to run each line of code, trace through or over function calls, etc., with a variety of display options.
    • Displays a configuarable activity log and maybe put the log in a file.
    • What we have now is fine.
    • What are you talking about?

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Just want some ideas about what kind of debug environment people want. If only a few people want version 1, and everybody else is content with version 2, then it does not seem worth it to do all the extra work. :idiot: If people are going to use it (more than just me) then we (JP and me probably) can go for it.

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In my opinion:

The first option is nice but unnecessary.

The second option is more what I've always wanted.

My ideas:

- In front of every function show:

* if it is a built-in function or a user-defined one

* if it is included from another file.

- When a file is included, show the full path in the log

- And when you plan to put the time in the log make it optional. Because it's not always necessary

- For the variables...

* Tell if a variable is DIMmed before a value is assigned to it.

* if a variable has a new value, show it in the log file (optional)

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I see option 2 being sufficient for 99.9% of debugging tasks in AutoIt. I think the votes for option 1 above are inflated for the coolness factor rather than any need for the utility that it would provide. For how many daily tasks does the average AutoIt coder need line-by-line debugging? It would be a cool hack, but this would involve the time of developers who could be doing other mighty things (e.g. like something I might use<G>).

Can someone who voted for option one provide me with an example of where they could benefit from a line-by-line debugger? Please shut me up, I invite you.

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Here's the link to the original idea/discussion thread:


First poll option would be really wonderful, of course.... Second option would be very helpful. Heck, anything that helps with debugging is appreciated :idiot:

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I voted for Option 1. However on further consideration I think this falls into the nice to have but not essential category.

I have not had many problems with debugging my scripts so far using a combination of the tools in Scite4AutoIt3 and the debug directive in AutoIt3Wrapper. Adding a couple of temporary extra lines of code to my script solves the lack of being able to set a break point or watch condition. Not as convenient as a proper debugger but they all enable me to successfully debug my scripts without too much effort.

Edit: Sorry didn't look at the date on the original post

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