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Network Communication

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I browsed the forum several times but found nothing like my problem. I was trying to write a simple application that should be able to communicate through the network. So I have to programms and each transmitts his data to the other one. I tried a lot, but nothing worked. Router port is forwarded. Here my idea how it was intended:


$socket = UDPBind($IP, $port)
    $clientip = UDPRecv($socket, 1024)
until $clientip <> ""
$connection = UDPOpen($clientip, $port)
UDPSend($connection, "ok")


$socket = UDPOpen($IP, $port)
$connection = UDPBind(_GetIP(), $port)
UDPSend($socket, _GetIP())

The idea was to start the Server, this opens a socket, waits for an incoming file. Then you start the Client, that creates a connection and an open socket, then transmitts his IP to the Server, so that the Server can establish a connection to the Client. Sending data from the Client to the Server works, but not the oter direction. Thanks for every constuctive comment.

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I do not see a UDPRecv for the client

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