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Keep a GUI on screen but ignored

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I have a nice script that manipulates a bunch of data... moving among Excel files and other programs.

The main program is, and needs to be, Maximized, while it's crunching data

It works

But it takes a LONG time to complete a run (Up to 4 hours...)

So, human nature, the users want me to show them what's going on...

A little GUI window with

Record currently being processed (out of x total)

Current Step

Any error conditions

I dunno.... an animated .GIF of "Men-At-Work" (Yeah, cheezy...)


How do I put this GUI up on the screen, visible (on top of the main file) while the main part of my script is working on the main window "below" the gui.....(and I don't want the main body of the script to accidently attempt to interact with the GUI, thinking it is the main program)


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How bout this?

$TitleP is the title of the window you WANT parent'd.

$TitleC is the window you want below it basically. The child.

Func _SetParent($TitleP, $TitleC)
    If WinExists($TitleP) Then
        If WinExists($TitleC) Then
            $HwndP = WinGetHandle($TitleP)
            $HwndC = WinGetHandle($TitleC)
            $user32 = DllOpen("user32.dll")
            DllCall($user32, "str", "SetParent", "HWnd", $HwndP, "HWnd", $HwndC)
            Return 1
            Return -1
        Return -1
EndFunc ;==>_SetParent

Or Many Use The: GUISetState(@SW_DISABLE, $Hwnd)

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