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need your help again - CLASS check.

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how can I check if a user is using Reach Text, HTML, or plain text to compose a message ?

(I don't want to check it using the windows title, but using the CLASS of the window)

I was thinking about the following will it work??

ControlClick("Untitled - Message (HTML)","","[CLASSNN:Internet Explorer_Server1]") 
if @error then msgbox (0,"error-1","")
ControlClick("Untitled - Message (HTML)","","[CLASSNN:RichEdit20W3]")
if @error then msgbox (0,"error-2","")

I am checking it now.

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$m=ControlClick("Untitled - Message (HTML)","","[CLASSNN:Internet Explorer_Server1]","left",1,10,10) 
if $m=0 then MsgBox (0,"error-1","")
$t=ControlClick("Untitled - Message (Plain Text)","","[CLASSNN:RichEdit20W3]","left",1,10,10)
if $t=0 then MsgBox (0,"error-2","")

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