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Simultanious Keypresses/strokes

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a script im trying to generate. Bare in mind I am a complete novice and have lost all the little knowledge i once possessed of VB.

Im trying to make script for processing keystrokes.

I need to have the following,

Send({UP}) ;this needs to be held

Then i need it to press whilst up is held

Send({RSHIFT});can be left shift - also needs to be held

Then i need it to press whilst up and shift

Send({LEFT});either or Right - needs to be pressed for about 150ms.

Then i need to encorporate this into a loop which is switched on and off via hotkeys.

Ive gone through numerious tutorials however, ive not come across simultanious keypresses one after the other, inclusive of holding a key down.

Another way of doing this is to keep UP pressed and then shift then left/right but I cant seem to do it.

any help is apprieciated.

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