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From The Server To The Client

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Alright... I'm unsure if this is possible because I don't think that a compiled .au3 script can process commands written in autoit anymore. But this is what I WANT to do... not sure if I CAN do it.

First I need the Server to ensure that the client is connected. I've done that.

Next I need to ensure the Server can Communicate with the client program, and vice versa. I've done that.

Next I need the Server Program to tell the Client program to check and see if a file exists. <-- NEED THAT

And If it finds it , to tell the server so that the server can store their IP Address for an administrator to look over.

( Note: I'm making a program that will detect if a user is using hacks on our server. If it finds certain files, than yes ... their hacking... and we would like to know so. )

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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