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Vista Vs XP positioning

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Dim $primary_click

Dim $secondary_click

AutoItSetOption ( "MouseCoordMode" , 0 )

;sets coordinate inputs to be based on the window, not abs pos.

;Determine if user has swapped right and left mouse buttons

$k = RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse", "SwapMouseButtons")

; It's okay to NOT check the success of the RegRead operation

If $k = 1 Then

$primary_click = "right"

$secondary_click = "left"

Else ;normal (also case if could not read registry key)

$primary_click = "left"

$secondary_click = "right"



Run ( $path )

;BlockInput ( 1 )

WinActivate("Symantec AntiVirus")

WinWaitActive("Symantec AntiVirus")

MouseClick($primary_click, 150, 150 , 1) ;clicks "install antivirius"

MouseClick($primary_click, 150, 250 , 1) ;clicks "install symantec antivirus client"

WinWaitActive("Symantec AntiVirus - InstallShield Wizard")

MouseClick($primary_click, 350, 350 , 1) ;clicks "next"

;BlockInput ( 0 )


This works in Vista for certain, but in XP when i go to run it, the mouse does not work the same way(ie properly), thoughts, suggestions, would be helpful.

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Wonderful, except i'm working on a proof on concept, not looking for opinionated bs

First: It's not my opinion. Its true. The programmers who created the program installer didn't go to all that trouble providing a reliable means of silent installation for you to try and reinvent the wheel. Its obvious there are inconsistencies in the Widnows UI that prompted this topic.

Second: The proof is in the links I provided...

Symantec Antivirus 10.x

msiexec /i \\servername\volname\foldername\sav10\clt-inst\win32\symantecantivirus.msi /qb RUNSCAN=0 RUNLIVEUPDATE=1 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS

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again, all I am asking is why the cords do not work the same, of course i can use the proper installer for this. But this is not an option for what I plan to actually work on. I need to know why cords do not match up, and act completely different, when they are reported to be the same.

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Maybe try a different mouse coordinate mode.

Sets the way coords are used in the mouse functions, either absolute coords or coords relative to the current active window:

0 = relative coords to the active window

1 = absolute screen coordinates (default)

2 = relative coords to the client area of the active window

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You also might want to do your testing with MouseMove() and a slower speed so you can see exactly how far off ths mouse is from the target.

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