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ControlClick when the desktop locked problem

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I have an au3 program that need to be restarted frequently.

After the application restarted the ControlClick is issuing the click command on a button.

The problem is that when the desktop is locked then the ControlClick does not working.

I have tried the code bellow, but the ControlClick is still not sending the click command.

What to do?

If IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\" & "config.ini", "SET", "isLaunch", "0") = 1 Then
    If Not WinActive($AppName, "") Then WinActivate($AppName, "")
    WinWaitActive($AppName, "")
    ControlFocus ( "", "", $Monitor )
    ControlClick("", "", $Monitor)

BTW: It is possible to detect that the desktop is locked but i do not know how to benefit from that.

here is the link to Gary Frost code of detecting locked computer.

Be Green Now or Never (BGNN)!

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