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Im newer to using autoit v3 and i was wondering if anyone knows where to find really goog tutorials. All i can do now is just right basic scripts like my new Income manager if you wana check it out it calculats your income and gives you a rating based off of how much you make. Please help me find tutorials!!!!

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Financial Statues Operator V1.3 BETA ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;By: ÆTnT ProductionsÆ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;(copyright)2008 of ÆTnT ProductionsÆ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

$x = 12 ; number of weeks you will work

$moneymade = 165.25 ;money you will earn from work taxes not taken away

$costof360 = 0 ;exspenses

;;;;;;;;no editing from now on!!!!!;;;;;;;;;;;;;

$income = $moneymade * $x - $costof360 ; your income

If $income < 10000 Then

$rating = "burger flipper" ; finacial ratings do not touch


If $income > 10000 Then

$rating = "minimum wage" ; finacial ratings do not touch


If $income > 20000 Then

$rating = "college education" ; finacial ratings do not touch


If $income > 40000 Then

$rating = "master education" ; finacial ratings do not touch


If $income > 75000 Then

$rating = "P.H.D education" ; finacial ratings do not touch


MsgBox(20,"Financial Statues Operator V1.3 BETA","Income correct?:" & $income)

If MouseClick("left",615,459,1,1) Then

MsgBox(0,"Financial Statues Operator V1.3 BETA","your income for the summer sir has been calculated at:" & $income)

MsgBox(0,"Financial Statues Operator V1.3 BETA","finacial rating:" & $rating)


"FREEDOM is not FREE""Its a good thing war is so terrible, or we grow too fond of it" -Robert E. Lee[quote]Firestrom: global $warming = False[/quote]My scripts:Desktop Cleaner---->Total Downloads:167;;;;;;;;;;1;;;;;;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;11;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1;;;;;;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;11;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1;;;;;;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;111111;;;;;;;;;;;;;;11;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1;;;;;;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;;11;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;1;;;;;;1;;;;;;;;;;;;;;11;;;;;;"a wise man once said why use your skills when we have technology"

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