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How to kill and restart my script

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Hello Everybody

I Want Script to Kill and restart it after clicking on Yes in a MSGBOX

How to do this ?

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Use this function

Func Restart()
    If @Compiled = 1 Then
        Run( FileGetShortName(@ScriptFullPath))
        Run( FileGetShortName(@AutoItExe) & " " & FileGetShortName(@ScriptFullPath))
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Hello potitpanda

I know you already had some answers... But as I already needed to do the same as you want to, I developed a short function which allows me to update "myself" and restart the application.

If you just want to perform a restart modify the script below and replace the "To be removed" line by something which would make the script to loop until the application stops.

Ex : When the application starts an Text file is generated and when it shuts down this file is deleted. Of course the "@ScriptFullPath" must be replaced by the full path to the text file.

Func Restart($FileToRename,$NewFileName,$Restart)
    $SC_File = @TEMPDIR & "\automaj.bat"
    $SC_batch = 'loop:' & @CRLF & _
    'del "' & @ScriptFullPath & '"'  & @CRLF & _; <<<<<< To be removed
    'if exist "' & @ScriptFullPath & _ 
    '" goto loop' & @CRLF & _
    'ren "'  & $FileToRename & '" ' & $NewFileName & @CRLF & _
    'del "' & $FileToRename & '"'  & @CRLF
    If $Restart = "YES" Then $SC_batch = $SC_batch & '"' & @ScriptFullPath & '" ' & '"' & "RESTART" & '"' & @CRLF
    $SC_batch = $SC_batch & 'del automaj.bat' & @CRLF

Salut Camarade,


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