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I'm working on a script that allows one to add information to the helpfile such as comments and custom example scripts. In it's current form, the script works, but I notice that when I press F1 while the script is running, a second helpfile window will open. In looking at au3.properties in SciTe, I see when F1 is pressed, I find the following:

command.help.$(au3)=$(autoit3dir)\Autoit3Help.exe $(CurrentWord)

Seeing that, I was wondering if the source code for Autoit3Help.exe could be shared, or at least PMed to me so I can see how it works. I want to incorperate how the F1 key works for it in my script. What I have in mind is when F1 is pressed, it will goto the function in the helpfile just like Autoit3Help.exe does now. ANy help would be welcomed.

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