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How to add My Script In "Add / Remove Programs" of Windows

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I Want to show my script in the tab "Add remove programs" without use any Installer creator

I Want when I click on my program its execute "MyProgram /uninstall" command

I have seen the reg Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

but i don't Know the synthax how to create values in these keys.

Anyone can help me please ?

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I tested some and it seems that this is a minimum:

Create key with optional name

in the key create a REG_SZ value named UninstallString, this will hold the path to your uninstall program.

Create another REG_SZ named DisplayName, this holds the text that will be shown in control panel.

Remmber this is a minimum but if you look in for example the autoit uninstall info I'm sure you will figure out more options.

Good luck :)

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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