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Skip an array.

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... it gets to where it clicks the Flowcast window's OK button ControlClick("Flowcast", "OK","")

The ControlClick() second parameter for "Text" is for window text to match the window (along with "Title"), not for matching the control.

The third parameter is where you need to identify the OK button. There are a couple of ways to do that. The easiest is to run the AU3Info.exe AutoIt window info tool and get the ClassNameNN for the button. It should be something like "Button1". In that case your function would look like: ControlClick("Flowcast", "", "Button1").

If the OK button is only one, or is the default, you might also get away with simply: ControlSend("Flowcast", "", "", "{ENTER}")

You might still need to use the text field to specify the window, if there is more than one "Flowcast" window (i.e. the main app and the error window titles both start with "Flowcast"). Then the text field can ID which window you mean by specifying some of the visible text. For example: ControlClick("Flowcast", "An error has occurred", "Button1")

Hope that helps.


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The reason it skips the error loop is because the the value of $Flowcast is False until after the error loop.

The Function does work because it changes the value of $Flowcast to True. (I put MsgBoxes with the $Flowcast value all over the loop and in the Function after changing the value). But this happens after reading the standard false value before the error loop, not before.

How do I time the flag value so it is true before the error loop?

Once again I'm stuck. And I thought this would be an easy one. :)

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