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Parse Thunderbirds Prefs.js?(was Work with Thunderbird)

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Is there a way to open up Thunderbird's Account Options dialog and select a specific (from multiple) e-mail account when I don't know *where* in the list it is?

Or just some other way to script settings for Thunderbird?

For instance, I have these selections for accounts:



Local Folders

Outgoing Server

and I need to generically set options for


from the list, and in the Outgoing SMTP server, how might I do this?

I found out I can do what I want from editing prefs.js - only one problem then, I have to take a list of prefs:

user_pref("mail.server.server8.directory-rel", "server");

user_pref("mail.server.server8.hostname", "server");

user_pref("mail.server.server8.name", "mailaddress");

user_pref("mail.server.server8.type", "imap");

user_pref("mail.server.server8.userName", "username");

user_pref("mail.server.server9.directory", "folder");

user_pref("mail.server.server9.directory-rel", "server");

user_pref("mail.server.server9.hostname", "server");

user_pref("mail.server.server9.name", "mailaddress");

user_pref("mail.server.server9.type", "imap");

user_pref("mail.server.server9.userName", "username");


And figure out what the last server# is. It could b e any number.

Any good code to pull out server# ...? In this case I'd want server9....

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