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PHP Date Replica

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I much liked PHP's date function so I decided to make it for Autoit.

;Function Name:        Date($Format, [$Timestamp=0])
;Description:        Parses your format and returns a date
;Parameters:        $Format        - A string you want formatted
;                    $Timestamp    - A value from _NowCalc ()
;                    Example: 2008/05/05 09:53:53
;Return Values:        Returns a formatted string
;Reference:            This is a replica of PHP date (); function
;                    Use http://ca3.php.net/date for formatted




Date('F j, Y, g:i a') // March 10, 2001, 5:16 pm



Some formats I didn't include due to the fact the information isn't enough.

B - u - e - I - O - P - T - Z - c - r - U

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Just a tip when creating UDF's. Its bad practice for your functions to rely upon other UDF's. This one relies upon both Array.au3 and Date.au3.

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Nice, I made a simular function but with less options so i'll be using yours from now on.

great job and thanks for sharing :)

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