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XP Taskbar

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Does anyone know how to bring up the properties dialog box for the Taskbar?

I have been looking for scripts but have been unable to locate how to activate it.

I am aware of the Send() proceses based on what I have found in this news group and so i am half way to doing what i want to do. (Novice)

I am trying to automate the process of activating the Taskbar Properties so that i can enable the Quick Launch and set the Auto-hide facility.

I have tried using the AutoiT Window Spy and get...

Title: Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

Class: #32770

and then I tried a script to call these like Notepad but failed ...

So if someone has a good script or tip to help me open the Taskbar Properties I would be most grateful.


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Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
WinWait("Taskbar and Start")

Who else would I be?

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