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I know it's a GUI script. But the most important part is not the GUI.

I find it difficult to make a script that works recursively.

Like searching through the hard drive and searching through the registry.

Holger gave me his RegSearch script a while ago.

That script helped me today to list folders recursively.

I made a file explorer (currently only the folders), but it's not done yet.

Listing folders works now, but it's slow.

I had an idea to avoid the slow startup;

Disable the listing on startup and update the list when a user clicks a folder in the tree for the 1st time.

I will do that tomorrow.

If someone is bored:

You could try to convert my ListDir function so it does not work recursively.

I bet it will work faster.

I would really appreciate it.

See y'all tomorrow...

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@SlimShady: I'm just developing an additional GUI-control.

At the moment I have called it:

GUICtrlCreateDirTree(rootdir,initialdir,x,y,w,h,style,exstyle) ;)

Here is one first example:

After a long and unsleeping night, I'm at this point that it doesn't crash :idiot:

I'm now wokring on getting the right system icons for network and drives...

Puhhh...that was really crazy... :D

And I have a lot more to do...

So long...:lol:


Edit:Screenshot updated

Edited by Holger
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1. Great! :idiot:

2. It's one control, right? (In your screenshot two.)

Awesome if that's true! So we won't be limited to max 4096 folders.

Thank you, Holger. You're the best.

Meanwhile I'm going to play with my script.

Edited by SlimShady
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Yep, it's only 1 Control if you create such.

I think in the GUICtrlRead()-function it then will return the completed path (rootdir + choosedir).

So long...

P.S.:if this is implemented then you can say it works good BUT not I'm the best :idiot: ...have to go sleep some hours...already 09.30 AM here :D

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Up again :lol:

Just wanna take a look? :idiot:

Get a small sample here:


It's not finished yet (still working on the root-items (network, mycomputer....)

I'm also thinking about GUICtrlCreateDirList() ;)

So long... :D


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@SlimShady: that is of course I only create subitems during runtime, so only if you click /dblclick an item you know.

I read a lot about this in the MSDN library.

I started this at first with loading all sub items too but this took so much time and did sometimes hang :D

So now I'm working on the root-items again and on the DirList :idiot:

I studied some samples but the most are too complex and I want an easy method for our GUI...

Regards Holger

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