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Michel Claveau

Beta changelog?

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In beta, RunAsSet is gone. Use RunAs instead.

in beta, many contants are gone, or are moved.


Instead of finding by (no) chance, do you know a place where the changes are listed?

Thank you in advance

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As copy/pasted from the beta help file History/Changelog (7th May, 2008) (Beta)


- Fixed #222: GUIRegisterMsg() regression.
- Fixed #230: GUICtrlSetResizing after GuiSetState() regression.
- Fixed #89: The "Environment" flag and environment variables are correctly loaded.
- Fixed #90: RunAs() and RunAsWait() now correctly work with limited user accounts.


- Fixed #198: _FileReadToArray() removing empty lines at the end.
- Fixed: _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap not releasing DC.
- Fixed: _ArrayDisplay Separator handling.
- Fixed: _IEAttach, windowtitle, fixed bug matching window title when IE windowtitle registry key is not set (DaleHohm)
- Fixed: _IEPropertyGet, toolbars, broken, now works (DaleHohm)
- Added: Unicode support to _GUICtrlListView_xxxx, _GUICtrlStatusBar_xxxx, _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_xxxx
         _GUICtrlHeader_xxxx, _GUICtrlTab_xxxx, _GUICtrlToolBar_xxxx, _GUIToolTip_xxxx, _GUICtrlTreeView_xxxx functions (Gary)
- Fixed: _GUIImageList_GetIcon using wrong variable for param (SmOke_N)
- Added: $iFlag parameter to _FileWriteLog (MrCreatoR)

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