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Maybe a bug in _SoundLength

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#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         myName

 Script Function:
    Template AutoIt script.

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start - Add your code below here

#include <Sound.au3>
$var= FileOpenDialog ("Select","","Musica (*.mp3;*.wma;*.wav)",1)

$sound = _SoundOpen($var, "Startup")
If @error = 2 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "The file does not exist")
ElseIf @error = 3 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "The alias was invalid")
ElseIf @extended <> 0 Then
    $extended = @extended;assign because @extended will be set after DllCall
    $stText = DllStructCreate("char[128]")
    $errorstring = DllCall("winmm.dll","short","mciGetErrorStringA","str",$extended,"ptr",DllStructGetPtr($stText),"int",128)
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "The open failed." & @CRLF & "Error Number: " & $extended & @CRLF & "Error Description: " & DllStructGetData($stText, 1) & @CRLF & "Please Note: The sound may still play correctly.")
    MsgBox(0, "Success", "The file opened successfully")
MsgBox(0, "Sound Length", "The Sound has a length of:" & @CRLF & "hh:mm:ss - " & _SoundLength($sound, 1))

for every file (mp3 ect)


Sound Length


The Sound has a length of:

hh:mm:ss - 00:00:00




I think this is a bug of autoIt

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