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SQLite Update command not working

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I am using the UPDATE command within _SQLite_Exec with the WHERE clause, but can't seem to get it to work.

if I leave out the WHERE clause then it update all the rows in the given column, but if I put it in it will not update any of them.

here is a how it looks with it in. :)

this does not work

_SQLite_Exec ($db, "UPDATE " & $DB_Table & " SET 'Description' = '" & $New_Description & "' WHERE 'PartNumber' = '" & $PartNumber & "';")

this updates all rows

_SQLite_Exec ($db, "UPDATE " & $DB_Table & " SET 'Description' = '" & $New_Description & "';")

any help on this would be great

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I've taken the single speach marks away from PartNumber so ry that if it fails it should bring up a message box with the sqlite error

If NOT _SQLite_Exec ($db, "UPDATE " & $DB_Table & " SET 'Description' = '" & $New_Description & "' WHERE PartNumber = '" & $PartNumber & "';") = $SQLITE_OK Then Msgbox(0,"", _SQLite_ErrMsg () )

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