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a string question

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Hi, I want to know how to get the following done:

I have a string, like this:

blabla hey blaablaablabla bla bla

What I want to get done, is to get to the clipboard the word hey and then for example 5 characters,

so in this example I want to get the string hey blaab to clipboard.

Any ideas?

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Look at StringMid + StringInStr + StringLen or StringRegExp.

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clipput() and stringregexp() already were answered for you.

For a quick look how results look like try this one:

#include <array.au3>

$MyString="blablablablabla" & @LF & "blabla hey blaablaablabla hey again bla bla"
$MySubStr=StringRegExp($MyString,"(hey .{5})",3)

When starting with regexp don't miss this one:

- Help file

- Tutorials

- String Regular expression (run the StringRegExpGUI.au3 at the bottom of that topic)

Regards, Rudi.

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