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So I am making a program that will connect multiple accounts to a server using another program that is already made. It's more of an add-on for another pre-existing program.

Long story short...

I want each of the accounts to connect to the server with different IP addresses. Only way I could think of doing this is with a proxy connection.

I started the script.

It starts up TCP services

creates and connects to the listening SOCKET

verifies the connection

After it connects it executes the program to connect to the server. I check the IP's connected to the server, and they are all the same IP (my default IP).

Question is:

How can I get multiple accounts to connect to a server with different IP addresses for each account?

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So far I have the following... started.

I want some accounts ran off a CLIENT SIDE program from ONE COMPUTER to connect to a SERVER SIDE program with DIFFERENT IP Addresses for each account. With the code I provided, I seem to be able to get the program connecting X number of times to the server, but only one will actually successfully connect, as for the server limits specific IP Address connections. Which is why I need each account connecting as a DIFFERENT IP Address from ONE COMPUTER via Client to Server.

Any help???

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

; Start The TCP Services

; Set Some reusable info
Dim $szServerPC = @ComputerName
; Set $szIPADDRESS to wherever the SERVER is. We will change a PC name into an IP Address
Dim $szIPADDRESS = TCPNameToIP($szServerPC)
Dim $nPORT = 80
Dim $MainSocket = TCPListen($szIPADDRESS, 80,  100 )

; Initialize a variable to represent a connection
Dim $ConnectedSocket = -1

;Attempt to connect to SERVER at its IP and PORT 80
$ConnectedSocket = TCPConnect($szIPADDRESS,$nPORT)

Dim $szData

; If there is an error... show it
If @error Then
    MsgBox(4112,"Error","TCPConnect failed " & @error)
; If there is no error... begin loop
;Loop asking for data to send to the SERVER
    $i = 0
; Data to transmit
    $szData = Run(@ProgramFilesDir& "CLIENT SIDE PROGRAM ...connecting to... SERVER SIDE PROGRAM", "", "")
   ; We should have data in $szData... lets attempt to send it through our connected socket.
   ; If the send failed with @error then the socket has disconnected
        If @error Then ExitLoop
    $i = $i + 1
    Until $i = 6

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