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Hi all!

Here is my latest a project, it's a program that let's you batch move or copy jpgs from one folder to another based on simple patterns you define or more complex expressions with the help of the execute function.

The program is very easy to use, first create a script in the script tab then add add files in the browser and assign the scripts to them. Return to the script section and choose 'run' and the job is done.

There are two kinds of scripts, the first is really basic and may look like this


Not very advanced. The second one utilize the Execute function in autoit so basicly the entire autoit script engine is yours :)

The metadata that is available in the scripts are these:

date, mday, mon, year, hour, min, size, width, height, name, ext, dayname, weekday, camera, monname

To access them in advanced mode you use a $ and in basic mode encose them in %.

I realize that all this is kind of vague but if you try it out I think you will get the point :(

Changelog and further info is in the header of the script.

Alaso posted screenshot :D

Posted Image

Enjoy :D


Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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