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_ArraySort - Non-ASCII order for "^"?

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I was under the assumtion that _ArraySort sorted in ASCII order, so I can not explain the following:


#include <Array.au3>

Dim $a[5] = ["z" , "!" , "#" , "+" , "^" ]

_ArrayDisplay( $a )

_ArraySort( $a )

_ArrayDisplay( $a )

Which, after the _ArraySort outputs:






But the "^" seems out of place since ASC("#")=35, ASC("^")=94, and ASC("+")=43. I've tried wrapping the values in String(), using multi-char strings, etc. But the "^" keeps sorting out ahead of the "+". I'm using a sorted array that contains "^..." strings in an _ArrayBinarySearch and I'm concerned that it might start failing in the future since the sort order doesn't appear correct.

I'm certain it's something I don't understand about AutoIt, but any explanation or advice would be appreciated.

AutoIt v3.2.10.0, XP SP2.

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Advice - use this http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=63525 if you want consistent and logical results (not to mention the speed). Although I've noticed it's not fully compatible with AutoIt's string compare - there is issue with underscore (_ < 0, but 1_ > 10) which could be fixed by replacing strcmp/_strcmpi with kernel's lstrcmp/lstrcmpi, but I never cared that much to do it.

Bottom line is, if you expect trouble using _ArrayBinarySearch on these chars, then test it, do not assume things like you do now. Are you really sure it will be an issue? In theory both _ArrayBinarySearch and _ArraySort use the same string comparison, so even if the sort order doesn't look very logical, it should match.

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