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Guest Hanszilla

activate script and run silently

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Guest Hanszilla

I am creating an Internet Explorer Kiosk and the problem I am having is that the kiosk needs to allow users the ability to use the back button in the browser, but once the "goodbye" button is pressed, users can't go back into the previous web page. I have created a small script which deletes out the online/offline files, clears all cache and deletes the history and then closes out the browser. Once this is accomplished a msgbox pops up and asks them if they would like to log-on which launches the browser. My question is a two parter...

First of all, how do I write the script to wait until the "goodbye" button is pressed to run the housekeeping portion of the script?

Secondly, how do I write the script so that the housekeeping runs silently, so that the users don't see the process of the housekeeping by going through the internet tools option and simulating keystrokes with the script?

Hope this doesn't confuse too many!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



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First, when you refer to the "goodbye" button, what exactly are you referring to? Is this a button within the IE webpage? and if so does it actually close IE or just restart the Kiosk application?

Second, consider other means of performing your housekeeping that do not require using a 'sendkey' function, i.e. do a recursive file delete within the temporary Internet files folder and run it using @SW_Hide.

Third, check out the IECache download at www.optimumx.com, it is designed to do basically what you want and has a very flexible command line.

If the IE window is actually closing then you could just wait for the IExplore.exe process/task to end and then perform the actual housekeeping routine.

hope this helps,


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