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yet again im stuck again with something :D. I want to simplify a list, it must organize itself when pressing a part of the listview.

Normally it organizes itself, but autoit doesnt give this function at all except some weird ass thingy :(. I do not understand a bit of it and the help file doesnt 'help' neither. My english is awful, but im trying...

Can anyone help me? I've tried creating it, see code line: 616-659 (with #cs and #ce)

EVERYTHING is mostly done here except this list organizing thing. You may use this code yourself too if you want so :).

This thing must be ready before mother's day (tomorrow) so please!! everyone, help me :cheer:

You only need to try the "straat" organize part, it will make me understand a lot more, so i can do the other ones myself.. :D

for the non-dutch people:

postcode = postcode

straat = street name

adres = street name (address)

nr = no AND number

telefoonnummer = telephone number

opmerking = comments

Thanks!! :D


edit: due that i have [ CODE ] written inside my code, it will show here very weird, so i have uploaded it here....


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No soul to help me :D... :(

i still haven't figured it out. it's getting late, hope that some one will reply :)


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