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Set CTRL+NUMLOCK as hotkey

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Hi, folks!

I searched but didn't find nothing about this question: Is there some way to send the combination of {CTRL} and {NUMLOCK} as a hotkey to some function? I already tried the following:

HotKeySet("^{NUMLOCK}", "Function")

HotKeySet("{LCTRL}{NUMLOCK}", "Function")

HotKeySet("{RCTRL}{NUMLOCK}", "Function")

None of the options above worked, so I would like to know if {NUMLOCK} has some special way to work.

Thanks in advance.


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Numlock needs to be used as one of the following:



{NUMLOCK toggle}

However none of those work since holding down the Ctrl nixes the effect of Numlock. I think this is some kind of specially reserved key combination that can't even be seen by Windows.

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