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show differences between 2 text files

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is there a way to show the differences with the context of two text files?



Edit: Even better: WinMerge

Thanks for the reminder, enaiman.

Edited by PsaltyDS

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theres no way to do this in autoit?

i was looking through the functions.. would this be able to do it??



Check if a string fits a given regular expression pattern.

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It is possible but it might not be so easy to do it.

Some things to consider:

- if you intend to read line by line from text files and compare them: when 1 of the file has an extra line the comparison will show that everything coming after that line being different

- if you plan to read the whole file in 1 string: only 1 character difference will cause everything coming after that char to be reported as different

- the differences might occur anywhere in the file

... and many other things ...

In my opinion it would be easier to use WinDiff as PsaltyDS suggested or WinMerge

SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

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