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Another question about Multidim Arrays

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It is possible to have arrays of arrays where where the secondary arrays have different sizes?

Right now I've had to ReDim so that my secondary arrays are all as big as the biggest secondary array.

Therefore, I have to use the 0th element of each secondary array to store the amount of elements actually being used by the array.

This means that if I were to have one secondary array the size of 100, and two others the size of 50, I'd have 100 extra variables just wasting memory.

Is there anyway around this?

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You can nest arrays.

Dim $SubArray[3] = ["A","B",C"]
Dim $Array[1]

$Array[0] = $SubArray

$TempArray = $Array[0]

For $X = 0 to Ubound($TempArray)-1
ConsoleWrite($TempArray[$X] & @CRLF)

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