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How can I use ASM on AutoIT?

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This is my code in C++. How it is in AutoIT?

static DWORD WINAPI Run(LPCVOID lpParam)


DWORD *Param = (DWORD*) lpParam;

DWORD x = *Param;

DWORD y = *(Param+1);

DWORD z = *(Param+2);

DWORD fly = 0;




{ pushad;

mov edx, W2I_BASE_ADD;

mov esi, dword ptr[edx+20h];

mov ecx, dword ptr[esi+0BB8h];

mov eax,dword ptr [esi+0x5dc+4];

cmp eax,2;

jnz next;

mov fly,1;


push 1;

mov edx,45DA60h;

call edx;

mov edi, eax;

push Param;

push fly;

mov ecx,edi;

mov edx, 461500h;

call edx;

push 0;

push 1;

push edi;

push 1;

mov ecx, dword ptr[esi+0BB8h];

mov edx, 45DE60h;

call edx;







return 0;


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