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AutoIT on Autodesk Object Enablers

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I am trying to use AutoIT in order to automate the install process for the Object Enablers that are used on Autodesk Applications. The issue I am having is that a series of check boxes is presented to the user by the Autodesk installers depending on how many apps are installed that need the Object Enabler. I can use the "send" function to arrow down through the check boxes and select them. The issue I am having is knowing how many check boxes that will be there on each computer since one user could have 3 applications installed that will need to the OE and another user will only have 1 application. Is there a way I can query the dialog box that holds the check boxes and then use that number to auto generate the number of keystrokes I need to send on the fly? I am not sure if this makes sense so if you need more information please feel free to contact me at jcampbell924@gmail.com

Thanks for the help

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