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Seeking "check for new version" script

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i have a small one in my Sig, but someone (i don't remember) wrote a great one, search on the 4rum plz

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I do this:

In each of my scripts, I have a variable that stores my script version:

$sVersion= 1.01

On my website, where I store the binary of the script, I have a file called version.txt (you can set your's up with the scriptname.ver if you want).

In the script, I set it up to go to the website and read the content of the version.txt file (example):



Then in my script, I pull the "source" of the page and get back the current version

$fCurrentVer = _InetGetSource("http://www.shrum.net/code/vistas/bin/version.txt")

if $fCurrentVer > $sVersion then there is a newer version available and you can code as needed to have you app pull down the newer version.

EDIT: just noticed you wrote 'intrAnet'...same idea, just filereadline() the version.txt file

$fCurrentVer = FileReadLine("\\computername\share\version.txt")

I think you can user UNC pathnames with that function...

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