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INIreadsection question

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never mind, i tested it out, and got that question answered....

now i got another question.. how do i add comments?

IniWrite("data.ini", "Bot", "Acc", " Your Acc Name")

i want it to write


acc= your acc name ;;; and i should add some comment here...

but when i do Iniread... it read the comments also..

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Do an additional ini entry but start the key off with ';'




Or you can do something like this




Which would look like:



restart-comment=setting this to true will cause your computer to restart

Writing it like you have will make read calls for the key value return everything that is in the line which is fine if you want to have to parse the string and trim the extra off but that's extra work. I'm just saying to write 2 ini entries.

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