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well hello everyone, this is my first script i have written. just wanted to say for anyone looking at coding that autoit is very easy to learn and understand, of course i didn't post for much help i searched the forums quite often, and looked up example codes or other codes i can pull some help code out of, it really does help and its all one would need, autoit it pretty much straight forward.

Posted Image

Version 1.0.8

map example at here

let me introduce my program, its made for my wifi bot to allow it to have gps tracking on google maps, i tried for a while to do this with GPSD on linux with vmware and cygwin, and other ruby and python scripts, but everything i found was old and weird to use, so i made up my own thats straight forward that works exactly how and i and someone might need it. its all straight forward.

algorithm is about as follows:

connect to any gps device that outputs NMEA data

look for NMEA lines starting with $GPGGA, pull and phrase it

convert the phrased long lat into normal coordinates,

put that into a xml and upload to ftp

Com - pick your com port device is on

address - ftp host

user - user

password - password

dir - will need to be full path the the folder ending in /

marker name - this is just for the xml file, but now its not displayed on the api page, its for future expansion

info html - real html not tested yet, but for now just use plain text, later this will hold a screen shot so when the point it clicked on it will show the marker name and screen shot that will refresh every 2 or so min.

the script has a save form ini function, so just set your data once and don't worry about doing it every time.

the status bar isn't working yet its just static, but it will show the upload of the xml file when the button is pressed and when the script it self is uploading the xml file.

the time is commented out for now still i sort thing out with the dimensions

then i wrote a html page that has my own google map that gets the xml file and puts a point on it and moves to the xml file.

**remember to get the include files in the same dir, that would be the com udf and dll, ftp udf, **

hand full of small bugs but the main system is there to check out and use; you can use a nmea emulator also if you like to test this out with if you have no gps unit.


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