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FTPGetfile problem, FTP.au3 UDF

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FTP.au3 UDF doesn't contain FTPGetFile, so I added it myself using the same proc that have been done for FTPputFile.

although the file is been uploaded to my computer from the FTP server, the script stuck for some reason that I can't understand.

can someone please help with this one?

lines added to FTP.au3

; Function Name:    _FTPGetFile()
; Description:    Gets a file on an FTP server.
; Parameter(s):  $l_FTPSession  - The Long from _FTPConnect()
;                  $s_LocalFile     - The local file.
;                  $s_RemoteFile      - The remote Location for the file.
;                  $l_Flags     - Special flags.
;                  $l_Context     - I dont got a clue what this does.
; Requirement(s):   DllCall, wininet.dll
; Return Value(s):  On Success - 1
;                  On Failure - 0
; Author(s):        Wouter van Kesteren

Func _FTPGetFile($l_FTPSession, $s_LocalFile, $s_RemoteFile, $l_Flags = 0, $l_Context = 0)

    Local $ai_FTPGetFile = DllCall('wininet.dll', 'int', 'FtpGetFile', 'long', $l_FTPSession, 'str', $s_LocalFile, 'str', $s_RemoteFile, 'long', $l_Flags, 'long', $l_Context)
    If @error OR $ai_FTPGetFile[0] = 0 Then
        Return 0
    Return $ai_FTPGetFile[0]
EndFunc;==> _FTPGetFile()

this is the script using ftp.au3:

#include <FTP.au3>
$dllhandle = DllOpen('wininet.dll')
$server = ''
$username = 'anonymous'
$pass = 's@s'
$Open = _FTPOpen('MyFTP Control')
$Conn = _FTPConnect($Open, $server, $username, $pass,$port)
;$Ftpp = _FtpPutFile($Conn, 'C:\WINDOWS\Notepad.exe', '/pub/Notepad.exe')
$Ftpc = _FTPClose($Open)
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