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AutoIt V3 Beta [v3.0.91]

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3.0.91 (29th Jan, 2004)

Added: Options: MouseClickDelay, MouseClickDownDelay, MouseClickDragDelay (AutoItSetOption)

Added: REG_BINARY type for RegRead() and RegWrite()

Added: FileChangeDir()

Added: ControlCommand() - added GETCURRENTSELECTION

Added: Added some standard library includes (See Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\)

Added: SendKeyDownDelay (AutoItSetOption) (alters the amount a time a key is held down before released)

Added: AutoIt returns an exit code of 1 if script could not be loaded

Added: FileSetAttrib(), FileSetTime()

Added: In Au3_Spy pixel colour is also shown in hex

Fixed: While loops failing when used in recursive functions of themselves... (!?)

Fixed: Small line coninuation _ bug

Fixed: URLDownloadToFile()

Fixed: FileRecycle() not always working

Fixed: FileRecycle() return value

Fixed: Relative #include use

Fixed: Smart boolean comparision re-added

Fixed: FileFindFirst() not releasing memory when called multiple times

Changed: FileGetTime outputs strings with leading 0s when required

Changed: Default value of Local/Global/Dim is the String "" (equates to 0 when used as a number)

Changed: (Internal) More scriptfile.cpp optimization

Changed: (Internal) Execute() recursion levels limited to 512 to prevent stack overflows

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